New Orleans Hustlers Brass Band

Terrance Gasper – (Bass Drum) biography

Terrence Gasper original Bass Drummer for the New Orleans Hustlers Brass Band. Born and raised in New Orleans, La. 1-1-1977.

Terrence was raised in the 6th ward Treme neighborhood where jazz parades were a big part of the community. Growing up he started out a playing the trumpet at Joseph A. Craig elementary right in the heart of this musical community.

They would run to the windows to look out as the second line passed the school so he knew he wanted to be a part of a brass band since a kid. He started out with his childhood friend Irvin Mayfield (BlackJack Brass Band) playing bass drum in the French Quarters on weekends to develop his skills like most musicians.

He’s played with Rebirth Brass Band, New Birth, The Lil Rascals, and the Hot 8 Brass band just to name a few.